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ESTATE PLANNING, WILLS AND TRUSTS, RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE, PROBATE OF ESTATES, TRUST ADMINISTRATION, and ELDER LAW are the practice areas of Darlene J. Pitt. A brief description of the services offered in practice area follows:

Attorney Pitt understands that all clients are different and, as such, each client deserves an estate plan tailored to his/her/their unique circumstances. Whether you need a simple will or a more complex trust, Attorney Pitt will work with you to determine the best plan and documents for you. Rather than using broad templates and simply allowing staff to insert names into the same, Attorney Pitt customizes all estate planning by personally drafting each document. Attorney Pitt routinely drafts Wills, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Proxies, Living Wills, Revocable Trusts, Irrevocable Trusts, and LLC Agreements for clients. In the areas of estate planning and elder law, I encourage all individuals to put documents in place sooner than later. Too many times, I receive a phone call from children asking what needs to be done as a parent has become ill. Very often, it is then too late to implement the most effective planning for that ill or incapacitated parent. As such, I counsel clients that the best gift that can be given to one’s loved ones is the gift of advanced planning. In my experience, the smallest amount of advanced planning can result in considerably less stress for one’s loved ones when that planning “kicks in”. In the areas of estate planning and elder law, the best time to contact an attorney is in happy and healthy times, not after illness or incapacity have already occurred. All of my estate planning and elder law practice is done through upfront flat fee pricing, thereby enabling my client to know exactly what the cost of their plan will be with no hidden fees.

Attorney Pitt offers a flat fee package for her representation of both Sellers and Buyers of residential real estate. Attorney Pitt will represent you from the initial contract stages through the closing itself, advising you of your rights and duties as Seller or Buyer each step of the way. Attorney Pitt works very closely with a handful of experienced and customer-oriented real estate brokers. As such, she encourages you to contact her for a referral to a real estate broker that will be a good “fit” for your Selling or Buying needs. In Attorney Pitt’s experience, the ideal and smoothest real estate transaction involves a “team” that includes you, your real estate broker and your attorney. My general approach to a real estate transaction is to keep the transaction intact through the closing, as I have found that a mutual solution to an issue for both Buyer and Seller is almost always possible to find. Lastly, please note that Attorney Pitt is an approved attorney to issue title insurance through First American Title Insurance Company.

Attorney Pitt routinely handles the probate process for families after the passing of a loved one. This is a difficult time for those surviving family members and Attorney Pitt prides herself on her sensitivity to the situation and timeliness in handling the probate of the will created by the deceased loved one. Attorney Pitt also routinely handles Ancillary Probates, which are the probate processes required in Massachusetts for residents of another state who die with property (real or personal) here in Massachusetts. Lastly, Attorney Pitt works very closely with an estate tax accountant to analyze and minimize both state and federal estate taxes due after the death of a loved one. In the probate of estates, it is most important that the family members of the deceased person feel comfortable with their attorney. The time following a family member’s death can be one of the most tense and stressful times for a family/spouse and generally the family is best aided by an attorney who will keep open and honest communication with all family members. I do just that, thanks to my personal compassion and in-depth understanding of the nuances of the probate process.

Clients often choose Attorney Pitt to handle the administration of their trusts. Additionally, family members acting as trustees often hire Attorney Pitt to assist them in the administration process of the trust and to counsel them on their responsibilities as trustee. Attorney Pitt works very closely with trusted and experienced financial advisors in investing the trust assets. Attorney Pitt prides herself on being aware of the needs of the beneficiaries of trusts that survive the creators and ensuring that the future needs of all generations are met in accordance with the creator’s intent and desires.

Attorney Pitt works closely with clients to determine the best way to meet their elder law needs. For example, she analyzes the personal situation of the client to determine the best method for protecting the client’s home in the event of future nursing home care and governmental assistance for the same. Attorney Pitt is well-versed with current Medicaid/Masshealth regulations and will work with the client to explain the same and find the best possible solution for each client’s unique situation.